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Our Vision

“Living and telling the good news of Jesus Christ, reaching out to all in love and service.”

In our Gathering we want to be

  • A vibrant and engaged community that gathers joyfully
  • Nourished by word, sacrament and other people of faith
  • Challenged, enlivened, motivated, supported and strengthened
  • Inspired to be genuine disciples of Jesus in lifestyle and action
  • A great church for people of all ages.

In our Growth we want to be:

  • A diverse community growing in knowledge of, love for, and enjoyment of God
  • Supported in exploring our faith
  • Able to share and explain our faith clearly
  • Able to respond to the challenges and complexities of life
  • Participating in small groups that promote fellowship and support, and make and grow disciples.
  • People who accept the call and are equipped to extend the kingdom of God

In our Going Out we want to:

  • Pray. For the world and all we do in it
  • Share the Gospel in both words and deeds
  • Be people engaged in our local community, seeing all that we do as part of our Christian vocation
  • Be people who respond to need within our own and the wider community by:
    • Offering effective individual pastoral care
    Reaching out to and nurturing children and young families
    Actively engaging in learning and action that promotes peace, justice and care for the planet
  • Participate in the wider mission outreach of the church in the diocese, nation and the world

In our Stewardship we want to

  • Use our resources efficiently and effectively for mission
  • Be financially sustainable, accountable and ethical
  • Make efficient and effective use of personnel, processes and resources
  • Be compliant to all legislative requirements (safe ministry, child protection, wh&s)
  • Ensure our buildings and grounds are environmentally friendly, sustainable, accessible and attractive
  • Maximise the widest possible use of our resources

Our Values

15 Amy Street, Gympie Qld 4570

Phone: (07) 5482 2629